Planet and Wordpress Blog

Myles Braithwaite myles.braithwaite at
Wed Apr 6 01:28:02 UTC 2005

The planet is fully working, but I think it
will be a long time till we get the Wordpress Blog fully working.

Matthias Urlichs:
>> I haven't loaded it yet because another PHP application (running on 
>> starts returning empty pages as soon as I do that.
>> I'll have a look later today. OTOH you could try that on your
>> their application is SMF (from

We have two decisions here:
First... We could setup SMF.
Second... We don't care about the blog and get the people who don't have
a blog to register on Blogger or LiveJournal. Then just add them to the

My vote goes towards the second one (But I already have a blog).

Myles Braithwaite <myles.braithwaite at>
Myles Braithwaite
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