hotplugging wacom tablet in feisty bug triage

Dries Desmet dries at
Wed Mar 14 23:34:40 GMT 2007

Thanks for your pointers Peter. I'll look into it.
> It seems to me that the process is working as it should: The package is
> being worked on upstream, and apparently now works as it should (refer
> to comment#16). The trouble is that the package was made to work in
> Debian just recently and very close to the beta freeze [1] [2], so an
> exception management procedure will be needed.
I'm wondering where you got the information that the wacom-tools package 
in debian only got made recently. The version of wacom-tools got 
migrated to debian "testing" on 31-5-2006 already as I've found here:
Debian "stable" seems to be even further behind in version number. Is 
this what you found as well or am I looking at the wrong documents?

I'm asking because first I would like to know whether a sync with debian 
actually happens with the "testing" branch. Can it be any branch or is 
"testing" the rule of thumb to ask for inclusion? It would help me to 
make a case for exception if I have an estimation on what is too far 
stretched or what is reasonably acceptable.

Thanks again.


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