hotplugging wacom tablet in feisty bug triage

Peter Whittaker pwwnow at
Wed Mar 14 12:32:37 GMT 2007

On Tue, 2007-03-13 at 22:43 +0100, Dries Desmet wrote:
> I've only just started triaging bugs and I would find it very rewarding 
> if you can help me with some advice on triaging this bug:
> I'm hoping to get this triaged to raise the chances the wacom-tools 
> package gets updated for Feisty. I understand the feature freeze is 
> coming any day now, but any tips/tricks/howto's and explanations are 
> welcome.

It seems to me that the process is working as it should: The package is
being worked on upstream, and apparently now works as it should (refer
to comment#16). The trouble is that the package was made to work in
Debian just recently and very close to the beta freeze [1] [2], so an
exception management procedure will be needed.

Once the beta is out [1], we revert to Feature Freeze [3], and so can
apply its exception process [4]. I'd read through [4] really carefully
and make a good case as to which justifications apply.

But that case has to be balanced, and you have to be willing to accept
that this might be left for Feisty+1 (it'll be automatic for +1 if its
in the right state in Debian).

When preparing your exception argument, refer also to [5]. If you can
justify the exception as meeting Feisty release goals, it'll help.






Good luck,


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