hotplugging wacom tablet in feisty bug triage

Dries Desmet dries at
Tue Mar 13 21:43:38 GMT 2007


I've only just started triaging bugs and I would find it very rewarding 
if you can help me with some advice on triaging this bug:

I'm hoping to get this triaged to raise the chances the wacom-tools 
package gets updated for Feisty. I understand the feature freeze is 
coming any day now, but any tips/tricks/howto's and explanations are 

First, this bug is files against a package that is in main. Should it be 
filed against that particular package or against the distribution "Ubuntu"?
It is assigned to Ubuntu Desktop Bugs. Are those the people to address 
this issue to?

This bug has been there long before feisty was around the corner. When 
it affects the general Ubuntu distribution, would it be taken into the 
loop when looking for bugs for Feisty? I thought not, that's why I 
nominated it for Feisty. I see though that it was rejected for Dapper 
and Edgy, with no particular reason. How could this happen?

I also removed the Dapper name from the title of this bug. I even 
thought of renaming the bug completely to "package update (Debian) 
needed for wacom-tools". Would this be a good idea?

To bring this bug under the attention of the ubuntu package maintainer 
(since this is solely a repackaging job) Scott James Remnant, can I 
subscribe him to the bug?

Is this bug a real bug? If it is evident that repackaging a Debian 
package would solve the issue, is there anything special that can be 
done to triage? (I read on this list about bug tags; do they come into 
play here?)

If repackaging is the only thing needed here, could I try it myself and 
upload the resulting .deb file to the bug report? Do I send it somewhere 
else or is this completely not done for packages in main? And I've also 
wondered: what to do with .deb files not intended for my architecture? 
Do I update those as well even though I can't test them out?

As you can read, a bunch of questions at once. Consider it a starter's 
hurdle which I'm willing to take, but apart from that, it simply would 
be really good if hotplugging my wacom tablet would 'just work' in the 
feisty release.

Thank you for your time.


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