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Brian Murray brian at
Sat Jun 16 00:06:54 BST 2007

The development version of bughelper includes the utility bugnumbers, 
which recently received the ability to search for information in the 
last comment. This can be used a couple of ways to help you find old 
bugs in a "Needs Info" state.

When I mark bugs as needing more information I also assign them to
myself. In launchpad[1] I could sort by "recently changed" and look 
at each bug to see what is going on with it but that still seems 
inefficient. Instead I'll use bugnumbers:

bugnumbers --status "Needs Info" --format=html -l
--lc="u:brian-murray d:2007-05-15" 

With '--lc' I am searching for bugs with a last comment by me 
'u:brian-murray' and where that comment was made before May 15th,
'd:2007-05-15'. I also used --format=html so the results would be 
output as urls.

In the event that you do not assign bugs to yourself or they are
assigned to a team you could use a query like:

bugnumbers --format=html -p inkscape --status "Needs Info"
--lc="u:bryceharrington d:2007-05-15" 

The '--format' and '--lc' options are not available with the Feisty
package but are in Gutsy and the bzr tree[2].  I wrote this up in some
more detail in my bug squad diary[3].

I hope you find this as useful as I do!
Brian Murray                                       

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