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Sebastien Bacher seb128 at ubuntu.com
Mon Sep 18 09:13:32 BST 2006

Le lundi 18 septembre 2006 à 08:12 +0200, Daniel Holbach a écrit :

> > As an alternative, one could propose use of a new tag, and get it
> > idiot-proofed on the mailing list before putting it to work.

I'm not sure than using the list for reviewing tag would work, there is
lot of packages and tags which make sense and we are busy enough without
starting discussing every tag. Should we try to limit the use of tags to
a determined set? Launchpad is supposed to filter the most used tags for
a package anyway.

> Basically I'm fine with both options - it'd just be nice to have sort of
> an overview for the team, so we don't start off with 12348945 different
> tags. :-)

Having "12348945 different tags" is not an issue if launchpad filter the
top used ones from the "noise". 

Maybe we should have a common "product rule", somebody suggested
something like "product-component" and discuss on the list
non-product-specific tags, like "easyfix" or "backtrace_needed" or
"to_forward"? Do we need to use a product namespace for tags or do they
apply to the context of the package browsed anyway?

> Another option is to use the Bug Title to indicate which 'part' of the
> package it is about. Sébastien already did this for gnome-system-tools,
> where "[user-admin] ..." is part of the Bug Title now.

For g-s-t I updated the titles and set tags too


Sebastien Bacher

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