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Mon Sep 18 13:27:33 BST 2006

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Sebastien Bacher wrote:
> Le lundi 18 septembre 2006 à 08:12 +0200, Daniel Holbach a écrit :
>>> As an alternative, one could propose use of a new tag, and get it
>>> idiot-proofed on the mailing list before putting it to work.
> I'm not sure than using the list for reviewing tag would work, there is
> lot of packages and tags which make sense and we are busy enough without
> starting discussing every tag. Should we try to limit the use of tags to
> a determined set? Launchpad is supposed to filter the most used tags for
> a package anyway.

I think that a "be bold" policy would be good, if you think a particular
tag is useful then just go ahead and start using it, but drop a mail to
the relevant lists with the tagname and it's usage so other people can
use your idea, there's no need to have a big discussion on each tag. A
tag will only get to be most used if there's more than one person using
it. A wiki page listing the tags already in use will ensure we don't
have people using two differently named tags for the same thing.

>> Basically I'm fine with both options - it'd just be nice to have sort of
>> an overview for the team, so we don't start off with 12348945 different
>> tags. :-)
> Having "12348945 different tags" is not an issue if launchpad filter the
> top used ones from the "noise". 
> Maybe we should have a common "product rule", somebody suggested
> something like "product-component" and discuss on the list
> non-product-specific tags, like "easyfix" or "backtrace_needed" or
> "to_forward"? Do we need to use a product namespace for tags or do they
> apply to the context of the package browsed anyway?

We already have the 'ubuntulove' tag, which I imagine would overlap with
"easyfix". Also we already have http://tinyurl.com/nm4n3 for bugs which
need forwarding, I think the opposite may be useful though - bugs which
are ubuntu specific such as those introduced by packaging ("packagebug"?).


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