[Ubuntu-be] IRC meeting report 21/10/2009

Jurgen Gaeremyn jurgen.gaeremyn at pandora.be
Sat Oct 24 14:53:48 BST 2009


Our HCC group asked me to anounce the next HCC-happening too: we'll be 
having an install party. One of our members will have a 
PXE-install-server running Karmic Koala, allowing installs to happen 
very easily from inside the network.

"All ye is welcome" in Mechelen for this event. It's always nice to have 
a few extra skilled Ubuntu-people too.

I tried getting this into the ubuntu-be calendar, but I can't get myself 
logged in... After logging in into launchpad, the site assumes a new 
account... but my existing e-mail address is already a member, so I 
can't enter that.

I guess someone else can enter this event to the calendar... Here's the 
info, plucked from the HCC site (www.hcc-vl.be):

    Op 29 oktober verschijnt de nieuwe versie van Ubuntu Linux, een
    alternatief besturingssysteem voor je computer. HCC regio Vlaanderen
    nodigt je uit op een 'release party': breng op *maandag 2 november*
    je computer mee, en we installeren samen Ubuntu.

    We zorgen voor:

            * een PXE server - de nieuwste Ubuntu uitproberen of
              installeren via het netwerk
            * een presentatie: "Beginnen met ubuntu"
            * installatie cd's Ubuntu 9.10 "Karmic Koala"

    *Maandag 2 november vanaf 20 uur:*
    ***Salons Breugel*
    *Zemstbaan 1*
    *2800 Mechelen*


jean7491 schreef:
> IRC meeting report
> Present at the IRC meeting 21/10/2009 (in random order) : carharttguy, 
> tim, JanC, jean7491, hfsdo, Gh0sty, siegie,  pvandewyngaerde1, ertai02
> 1. Past and future events
>  a. Dipro fair in Ostend 18/10
> It was a small fair, with a lot of contacts. The full report is in the 
> wiki.
>  b. Next events in October
> - Dipro fair in Oostmalle 25/10
> During the last IRC meeting it was decided to cancel the participation 
> to the Dipro fair in Oostmalle, due to the lack of volunteers. At the 
> end of the current meeting, with the reinforcement of the team by 
> ertai02 and the wishes of hfsdo and siegie, it is decided to organize a 
> booth in Oostmalle next week-end.
>  c. Next events in November (Dipro fair Ghent, Release Party Ghent, 
> Dipro fair Antwerp)
> - Dipro fair in Ghent 08/11
> The preparation was started with kenneth as coordinator. Volunteers 
> (especially Ghent area) please add your names in the wiki.
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BelgianTeam/ComputerFairs/Ghent_2009-11-08
> carharttguy will likely come to help.
> - Release party in Ghent 21/11
> We need volunteers helping for the organization/preparation of the 
> party: people from the Ghent area are firstly concerned with this event.
> We need a working-group of volunteers in charge of the event, mike and 
> schwarz_p are already in the group but not yet active : who else will 
> join the group?
> If we don't hear from the people who are supposed to organise the 
> release party in Ghent, we could also decide to organize it somewhere 
> else (if people in another place want to do it)?
> carharttguy would like to help at release party in Ghent.
> - Dipro fair Antwerp 29/11
> The coordinator (bram) started the preparation and several volunteers 
> were contacted. tim maybe want to help.
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BelgianTeam/ComputerFairs/Antwerpen_2009-11-29
> We face a problem to move promotion material and some hardware from 
> Ostend to Antwerp. Suggestions are welcome!
> 2, Promotion material
>  a. Event boxes
> - Ghent: the statute of the Event box is not yet clarified: the material 
> is necessary for the next Dipro fair in Ghent.
> - Antwerp: with the multiplication of events in Antwerp area, a new 
> event box will be created. We have desktops, but need two (large, if 
> possible) lcd screens. Any proposition?
>  b. Others ideas for promotion material
> We need a new printout for 9.10 cd sleeves we print for fairs: the 
> official artwork will be up soon.
> Additionally, with the arrival of Karmic Koala, we need to update the 
> standard presentation with a new slide on 9.10. If someone can collect 
> ideas (basic level for Dipro fairs), please send a mail with proposals 
> to jean7491.
> 3. Things living in the Mailing List
> Support points - reliability and update.
> As already stated, we need to update the support map as the lack of 
> reaction of support points gives a negative image of Ubuntu community.
> Pierre, who was managing the map, wrote :"The current site is a dead 
> end." He does not have enough time at hand for another project based on 
> drupal. His proposal is to remove the current map website. and 
> eventually to use the actual database as it is.
> The removal of the current map without replacement could give a wrong 
> idea of the willingness of Ubuntu-be to support newcomers. The 
> availability of local help is is one of our best arguments to convince 
> beginners.
> We should maintain a kind of support points network, where beginners can 
> find help when needed. It should not be a one man task, but a team work 
> of several people. Any comment? (in the mailing list)
> 4. Next IRC meeting on 28/10/2009 at 21.00 h.

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