[Ubuntu-be] IRC meeting report 21/10/2009

jean7491 jean7491 at free.fr
Thu Oct 22 21:00:05 BST 2009

IRC meeting report

Present at the IRC meeting 21/10/2009 (in random order) : carharttguy, 
tim, JanC, jean7491, hfsdo, Gh0sty, siegie,  pvandewyngaerde1, ertai02

1. Past and future events
 a. Dipro fair in Ostend 18/10
It was a small fair, with a lot of contacts. The full report is in the 

 b. Next events in October
- Dipro fair in Oostmalle 25/10
During the last IRC meeting it was decided to cancel the participation 
to the Dipro fair in Oostmalle, due to the lack of volunteers. At the 
end of the current meeting, with the reinforcement of the team by 
ertai02 and the wishes of hfsdo and siegie, it is decided to organize a 
booth in Oostmalle next week-end.

 c. Next events in November (Dipro fair Ghent, Release Party Ghent, 
Dipro fair Antwerp)
- Dipro fair in Ghent 08/11
The preparation was started with kenneth as coordinator. Volunteers 
(especially Ghent area) please add your names in the wiki.
carharttguy will likely come to help.

- Release party in Ghent 21/11
We need volunteers helping for the organization/preparation of the 
party: people from the Ghent area are firstly concerned with this event.
We need a working-group of volunteers in charge of the event, mike and 
schwarz_p are already in the group but not yet active : who else will 
join the group?
If we don't hear from the people who are supposed to organise the 
release party in Ghent, we could also decide to organize it somewhere 
else (if people in another place want to do it)?
carharttguy would like to help at release party in Ghent.

- Dipro fair Antwerp 29/11
The coordinator (bram) started the preparation and several volunteers 
were contacted. tim maybe want to help.
We face a problem to move promotion material and some hardware from 
Ostend to Antwerp. Suggestions are welcome!

2, Promotion material
 a. Event boxes
- Ghent: the statute of the Event box is not yet clarified: the material 
is necessary for the next Dipro fair in Ghent.
- Antwerp: with the multiplication of events in Antwerp area, a new 
event box will be created. We have desktops, but need two (large, if 
possible) lcd screens. Any proposition?

 b. Others ideas for promotion material
We need a new printout for 9.10 cd sleeves we print for fairs: the 
official artwork will be up soon.
Additionally, with the arrival of Karmic Koala, we need to update the 
standard presentation with a new slide on 9.10. If someone can collect 
ideas (basic level for Dipro fairs), please send a mail with proposals 
to jean7491.

3. Things living in the Mailing List
Support points - reliability and update.
As already stated, we need to update the support map as the lack of 
reaction of support points gives a negative image of Ubuntu community.
Pierre, who was managing the map, wrote :"The current site is a dead 
end." He does not have enough time at hand for another project based on 
drupal. His proposal is to remove the current map website. and 
eventually to use the actual database as it is.
The removal of the current map without replacement could give a wrong 
idea of the willingness of Ubuntu-be to support newcomers. The 
availability of local help is is one of our best arguments to convince 
We should maintain a kind of support points network, where beginners can 
find help when needed. It should not be a one man task, but a team work 
of several people. Any comment? (in the mailing list)

4. Next IRC meeting on 28/10/2009 at 21.00 h.

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