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Thu Nov 5 21:59:48 GMT 2009

IRC meeting report
Present at the IRC meeting 04/11/2009 (in random order) : LarsB, JanC, 
jean7491, Gh0sty, guydup
1. Past and future events
 a. Dipro fair in Oostmalle on 25/10
Report has been added in the wiki.
 b. Dipro fair in Ghent on 08/11
IRC coordination tomorrow 05/11 at 21.00 h. with kenneth.
About organization and material, see 
 c. Release party in Ghent on 21/11
without volunteers to organize it, it is decided to cancel the release 
Looking for the future, we could start thinking about a release party 
for Ubuntu 10.04LTS next year. First we need to constitute an 
organization team with volunteers.
 d. Dipro fair Antwerp on 29/11
The preparation is on track, we have enough volunteers, the problem to 
move promotion material and some hardware from Ostend to Antwerp is 
being solved.
 e. Next week we will add Dipro fairs in Genk 06/12 and Mechelen 13/12 
at the agenda.

2. Promotion material, event boxes and other ideas
With official CD's received from Canonical, we can foreseen 25 CD's for 
each event till end of April.
Update with the arrival of karmic koala, the promotion material will be 
updated in the wiki.  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BelgianTeam/ComputerFairs 
- see last paragraph and feel free to comment the products.

3. Things living in the mailing list
Meeting Digipolis on Openbaar Computer Ruimtes in Ghent with the 
possibility to present Ubuntu, social and free software : we need 
volunteers from Ghent area as this is a local opportunity to actively 
promote Ubuntu.
This topic could be discussed during the next Dipro in Ghent, if possible.
See http://www.digipolis.be/eCache/DIG/80/37/722.html

4. Next meeting on 11/11/2009 at 21 h.

/Ubuntu Belgium Events Team/
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