[Ubuntu-be] New posters and flyers - how many do we need ? best printing-site?

jean7491 jean7491 at free.fr
Fri Jun 26 21:14:37 BST 2009

Hi to all,

On 18/06 I posted a message for an estimation of the need in flyers and
posters (beside the Dipro fairs).

With only 1 reaction, I wonder that nobody needs flyers or posters for
Ubuntu promotion ?

*Questions about new posters and flyers :*

 (edition 2009: see

1. Before we start printing new posters and flyers, we need an
estimation of the products we need for the coming year(s?).

If you think you can contribute to the promotion of Ubuntu by using
posters and flyers, please give the following information about what you
need (not for Dipro fairs) :

Poster 2009 "Free your PC" : how many do you need ? NL or FR ? why ?

Flyer 2009 background yellow-brown : how many do you need ? NL or FR ? why ?

This is only _information,_ not an order !

2. Best prices we found are the following:

For the flyer, flyer.be <http://flyer.be/> (no cost for the port): 1250
ex. for 54.45 euro, 2500 ex = 66.55 euro and 5000 = 83.49 euro (VAT

For the poster, maxevent.be <http://maxevent.be/>: 250 ex. A2 for 140
euro + 10 euro port (VAT included).

If you knows better prices and services, please give us the information.

/Ubuntu Belgium Events Team/

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