[Ubuntu-be] status evenbox issue 1

Joeri Poesen jpoesen at servr.be
Thu Mar 22 07:50:45 GMT 2007


I've got a few boxes of spare parts: some nics, fdds, pc 100/133 ram and
at least one mouse. I've also got 2 hubs I can spare, but no power
adapters for them. If you have matching adapters, you're in business.

I live in Leuven, so why don't you come by and see what you can use...


Annelies Bollen wrote:
> Hi Ubunteros,
> Since a lot of people asked that a eventbox-status e-mail should be
> written, I hereby present you with the first edition. :-)
> Like Ismaël Demiddel wrote in the report of last meeting, I have set
> up : http://wiki.ubuntu.com/BelgianTeam/Eventbox (and Mark made it
> sound nice and look good). This page however states what we've cooked
> up and are wishing for. It explains in short what the idea is behind
> the eventbox(es) and who to contact if you want to help out.
> Currently we have 1 and a half old pc, without keyboard and mouse,
> without monitor. We have 4 cable locks. They're all still at my place
> (Wijgmaal) but they can be used already for events if they are needed.
> The only downside is that I do not have any other means of
> transportation than the public transportation, so it's a bit difficult
> to drop the stuff off at the other end of Belgium.
> Some time ago Toni Van Remortel has offered four P3 1GHz, 512 Mb RAM
> pc's what I am glad to accept. But they are not going to be available
> before July 2007.
> Toni is this still correct?
> Mark did a great part of what I am supposed to do, by sending out some
> e-mails to people asking for help, or 'Bedelen Voor De Goede Zaak' as
> he puts it ( http://blog.markvdb.be/2007/03/bedelen-voor-de-goede-zaak.html
> ).
> I didn't receive any reaction yet.
> If you want to help out, please don't hesitate to contact me! Even if
> it's just a mouse or the 5 euro's you found while walking down the
> street!
> I'll keep you informed of what's happening. Questions can be directed
> to me or Mark.
> A big thank you in advance and good night!
> Annelies Bollen (Lisje)
> kleinewereld at gmail.com

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