[Ubuntu-be] Linux op Dell pc's

guy duportail guy at linux-service.be
Thu Mar 15 20:19:04 GMT 2007

Op donderdag 15 maart 2007 19:49, schreef Wouter Horré:
> On Thursday 15 March 2007 18:31, guy duportail wrote:
> > why Dell?
> > www.ubuntushop.be
> > better:
> > www.multiseatcomputer.be
> The notebooks you sell still include the MS-tax... If Dell is selling
> computers with linux pre-installed, they will hopefully not charge the
> MS-tax.
> Also, Dell is now working with Novell and other companies to certify their
> hardware for linux, which should result in the availability of a 100% linux
> compatible notebook. Imho now the most compatible laptops are 90% (or if
> you are lucky 99%) linux compatible.
> Imho, it is a good point that Dell will be selling computers with linux
> pre-installed. It does not make them holy, but it's a step in the right
> direction.
> regards
> Wouter
> --
> http://wouter.horre.be/
correct,always receiving a discount for the ms-tax from the importer,but Bill 
always get's his money.
For xp,i could place the software on dual-boots desktops when customer asked 
me,and they get the xp for free,so Bill does not get money twice(this 
customer should otherwise also buy the software)
But with Vista,it is not possible anymore,even when it's another asus 
notebook,no activation:call asus or ms.

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