[Ubuntu-be] List of needed and not needed.

Cedric Janssens decirc at gmail.com
Thu Mar 9 15:17:41 GMT 2006

> >>Remember that your browser (if it is configured correctly) sends the
> >>language preference along with the request for a webpage. We should make
> >>use of this for the default language.
> >>
> >>
> Wow first news for me, and very interesting can you tell me how? I now
> the keyboard can be detected, like it is use by google (wich is logicaly
> give me the flemish version because the keyboard is the same for all
> belgian and there is more flemish, why google do not detect the language
> (fr) of my browser?)

Logically, Google detects the country via GeoIP. And then for Belgium,
it choose Dutch in first place. And you have to customize it.

It doesn't use the settings of your keyboard.


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