[Ubuntu-be] List of needed and not needed.

Grégoire Vigneron gregoir at scarlet.be
Sat Mar 4 14:24:26 GMT 2006

The BEST way to now wath we need for the website is to make the more 
exaustive list as posible:

NEEDED (until the Dapper release):
- Press releases, (many pages*)
- links to the apropriate Ubuntu wiki's forum, planet... (one page*),
- list of members and theire fonctions (forward to the official wiki 
that contain all the profiles of people involve) (one page*),
- list of contact (one page),
- list of place where Ubuntu cd's are available (one page*),
- list of frendly computers vendors (many pages, one per vendors with 
physical adress, website link, map link, and presentation text).
- maybe a mini wiki for the specific belgian problems as bank and 
Intenet provider configurations.

* One page meen per language.

NOT NEEDED (until the Dapper release):
- Forum
- Planet

Please complete this list, if i forgot something!

See you.


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