[Ubuntu-be] Website discussion

Patrick Coeman patrick.coeman at 171.be
Sat Mar 4 14:48:56 GMT 2006

At my server I have arround 45 packages availble via Installatron (info:
http://www.installatron.com). So not only install is done in 1-2-3, also
upgrading to a new version. Sorry, CMSMS is not 1 of them. But for the
die hard CMS builders TYPO3 is availble :-) But you can install what you
like. But I think this service is also availble by the other offered

My 2 cents: Let the webteam decide what they like for CMS. I don't care,
but the webteam has to work with it.

mongolito404 wrote:

>I find a multilingual feature for Joomla!, Mambelfish. I also did a
>quick install of Joomla! and it seems way too complex to me. Joomla!
>is definitely not a CMS 'that just work" in the Ubuntu spirit. It
>remind me of phpNuke and it's not a good thing.
>Plone seems fine but I'm worried about maintenance. Plone is certainly
>not hard to install and upgrade. But it doesn't look as easy as a
>simple "ftp upload of a diretory (+run update scrip)" like many PHP
>apps does. If some Plone (Zope) guru can handle the install and
>upgrade task I'm ok with Plone. But I won't do it myself as it seems
>to much work for me.
>I also tried CMS Made Simple and it's very easy. The only missing
>thing is multilingual support. As François S. said, the content
>planned at this time is not too big for a manual sync between
>different languages. But it may become too complex later.
>And for the fun: I also know another CMS, Daisy
>(http://www.cocoondev.org/daisy). It handle multi-language page
>(document in the Daisy Jargon) and feature a full backend/frontend
>separation. But it's in Java and probably too big.
>mongolito404, king of the mongolian people

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