[Bug 137656] Re: Samba Backport Urgently Needed

Soren Hansen soren at ubuntu.com
Fri Sep 7 10:33:14 BST 2007

On Thu, Sep 06, 2007 at 07:57:57PM -0000, jshanks wrote:
> [...] Samba has pretty much been treated as the redhead stepchild.

I'm not familiar with this idiom. I'm not a readhead nor a stepchild, so
I'm in no position to make assumptions about their care takers' attitude
towards them, but I gather from the context that this is not a position
one should strive for?

> Even in their so called enterprise version, the recommended Samba
> configurations generally give about as much functionality as directory
> sharing in Windows 95.  Manually editing scripts, installing
> unsupported packages and compiling software seems to be the rule if
> you want a fully functional Samba domain controller.  Especially if
> you want to use LDAP, DHCP and Dynamic DNS with Samba.

I agree that the default configuration we provide does not do Samba
justice. We would be more than happy to accept suggestions for a better
default configuration or cool scripts to include in our Samba packages.
How would you prefer to work on this? If you've got it all ready, just
file a wishlist bug about it. If you want to take a more active part in
it, stop by #ubuntu-server on IRC and we can discuss it there.

> Anyway, enough rambling . . . you're right.  6.06 by itself doesn't
> cut it as a Windows domain controller/server unless you're willing to
> manually install the latest Samba packages because there are really no
> backports of the latest patches.  It might be worth noting though,
> that there are distributions out there that are getting better.

Which ones and how are they getting better? We're eager to learn and

> Maybe we need a Samba/OpenLDAP/DHCP/Bind DNS server project that is as
> easy to use a LAMP.  After all there are only so many UNIX servers out
> there to replace and small and medium businesses out there would be
> more than willing to give a Linux server a try if it supported their
> clients out of the box.  Ubuntu Small Business Server.  Catchy!

In Gutsy+1 there will be something like this based on
http://www.ebox-platform.com/ . 

Soren Hansen
Ubuntu Server Team

Samba Backport Urgently Needed
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