[Bug 137656] Re: Samba Backport Urgently Needed

jshanks jim at shanks.cc
Thu Sep 6 20:57:57 BST 2007

rvjcallanan - I feel your pain on this one.

For the past 5 years I've been managing two networks running Linux/Samba
servers as primary domain controllers with no Microsoft servers and a
mix of Linux and Windows clients.

In every distribution that I've tested
(Redhat/Suse/Ubuntu/Debian/Slackware), Samba has pretty much been
treated as the redhead stepchild.  Even in their so called enterprise
version, the recommended Samba configurations generally give about as
much functionality as directory sharing in Windows 95.  Manually editing
scripts, installing unsupported packages and compiling software seems to
be the rule if you want a fully functional Samba domain controller.
Especially if you want to use LDAP, DHCP and Dynamic DNS with Samba.
Which to me are the basis of any fully functioning domain controller.
And to top it off, most of the information you'll find googling Samba
configuration, is either completely outdated or totally wrong.  I can't
even imagine anyone with limited experience with SMB/CIFS and TCP/IP and
LDAP and the rest even attempting to setup a fully functional, mission
critical system.

Over time it looks like the problem has been that the Samba Team, of
whom I have great respect, has been rapidly developing Samba and has
never really been happy with any "production" product.  Or at least
happy enough to maintain a bug-fix only version.  And it's really not so
much that Windows changes require all of the newest features in the
latest Samba.  Face it, even Vista with a few tweaks will connect to an
old NT file server.  It might not have the latest functionality, but if
it's new functionality you're looking for, you'll have to upgrade
something anyway.  It's really more the fact the the Samba Team is
always looking ahead to the new version and abandoning the old version
and on the way breaking compatibility.  Usually the clients aren't
affected, but the server configuration definitely is affection from
version to version.

Anyway, enough rambling . . . you're right.  6.06 by itself doesn't cut
it as a Windows domain controller/server unless you're willing to
manually install the latest Samba packages because there are really no
backports of the latest patches.  It might be worth noting though, that
there are distributions out there that are getting better.

Maybe we need a Samba/OpenLDAP/DHCP/Bind DNS server project that is as
easy to use a LAMP.  After all there are only so many UNIX servers out
there to replace and small and medium businesses out there would be more
than willing to give a Linux server a try if it supported their clients
out of the box.  Ubuntu Small Business Server.  Catchy!

Samba Backport Urgently Needed
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