Backporting processes.

Martin Meredith martin at
Mon Aug 22 13:22:10 CDT 2005

Just as an FYI:

The people who are in the list at: are considered as
"official backporters" this means that they have the rights to poke Mr
Troup to backport a package.

At the moment, however, while backports is still in it's ... early stage
s (for official), I'd like everything to go through me or John for a
final "ok" ... so - if you see something that needs backporting, and
you're on the list, then go ahead, test it, make sure it works, and then
pass the request onto either John or myself, and preferably CC: any
communication to the list.

The reason you guys are on board is for the simple fact that, while the
whole backporting process is still automated, we need you here to help
with testing etc etc... like before, we had to make sure something
built, now we have to make sure it builds too... then pass it to elmo to

If something doesnt build, then try and fix it... make sure it builds
for breezy AND hoary, and then pass it over to me, and I'll either get
someone to upload (for main) or upload myself (for universe) so that it
can then be built for backports from breezy
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