Backporting processes.

John Dong john.dong at
Mon Aug 22 14:49:21 CDT 2005

Feel free to continue using hoary-backports-staging (unofficial) for testing 

On 8/22/05, Martin Meredith <martin at> wrote:
> Just as an FYI:
> The people who are in the list at:
> are considered as
> "official backporters" this means that they have the rights to poke Mr
> Troup to backport a package.
> At the moment, however, while backports is still in it's ... early stage
> s (for official), I'd like everything to go through me or John for a
> final "ok" ... so - if you see something that needs backporting, and
> you're on the list, then go ahead, test it, make sure it works, and then
> pass the request onto either John or myself, and preferably CC: any
> communication to the list.
> The reason you guys are on board is for the simple fact that, while the
> whole backporting process is still automated, we need you here to help
> with testing etc etc... like before, we had to make sure something
> built, now we have to make sure it builds too... then pass it to elmo to
> upload.
> If something doesnt build, then try and fix it... make sure it builds
> for breezy AND hoary, and then pass it over to me, and I'll either get
> someone to upload (for main) or upload myself (for universe) so that it
> can then be built for backports from breezy
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