Internet connection using ethernet cable

Daniel Jitnah djitnah at
Thu Aug 2 02:31:53 UTC 2018

Did you configure the Telstra modem correctly: ie username and password
to telstra account?Is the Telstra modem connecting to the internet?
D.On Thu, 2018-08-02 at 11:21 +1000, Geoffrey Combes wrote:
>     I am running Linux Ubuntu 1604 LTS and connect
>         with the Internet by wireless broadband. I have this week
>         received a new Telstra modem Huawei -B618-1944. This has
> three
>         sockets: one  USB and two LAN. A double-ended ethernet cable
> was
>         provided (but not a USB cable). Ubuntu help advises that
> usually
>         all one needs to do is connect the ethernet cable and Ubuntu
>         will automatically connect (evident by the connection icon
>         changing). IP addresses are supposed to be done by Ubuntu.
>         Result: No connection to Ubuntu in my desktop PC. Previously
> I
>         have provide connection information
>         under the 'Mobile Broadband' editing window and I presume
> that I
>         should continue to do so. As there is no connection I do not
>         have cannot read the connection information of course.
>     Your assistance in solving this problem is
>         requested. Thank you, Geoffrey Combes
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