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Sat Aug 4 01:40:50 UTC 2018

Thank you all for your messages. I will respond to each in turn. Firstly 
please note that the Huqwei  (Broadcom) modem is working perfectly. It 
connects to the Internet which can be reached by any PC or mobile phone 
which is WiFi-enable (i.e. has an inbuilt WiFi module or a USB WiFi 
adaptor). My problem is that I can't wire-connect my desktop PC to the 
modem. The modem has three sockets on the back: one USB and two LAN. 
These are primarily intended for other peripheral devices. These should 
include my desktop computer. Wired-connections should happen 
automatically; these days there is no need for device names, passwords, 
etc. On my Ubuntu 16.04 the connection icon window shows "Automatic 
Ethernet". Clicking on that makes the connection. thereafter connection 
is automatic. Im situation that is not happening. Maybe Ubuntu 1604 does 
not have the driver for the modem in its library of drivers.

Daniel: The above preamble is my response to you remarks. In sort, it 
all automatic or should be.

Chris: Thank you for the ubuntu support URL. I will definitely consult 
through it.

Terrance: Yes, clicking "Automatic Ethernet" enables a wired connection. 
With my previous Telstra modem I deleted all connection information such 
as Mobile Broadband, Ethernet and then the "Automatic Ethernet" line 
appeared in the connection window. No need to configure any more.

Lindsay: Interesting - you have made a wired connection using the USB 
socket. I have tried that without success. Question: Which version of 
Ubuntu are you using? My Huawei modem has two antenna sockets behind a 
plastic cover which is swivelled out of the way. I have plugged in my 
external patch antenna via these sockets.

Of course there is an alternative to wired-connection  -  WiFi. My 
desktop PC is not WiFi-enabled, however I have a 802.11n USB (WiFi) 
adaptor. I'm told that they work with Linux OSs but no luck so far with 
it on my PC.

Thanks again, Geoffrey

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