Internet connection using ethernet cable

Geoffrey Combes gcombes4 at
Thu Aug 2 01:21:47 UTC 2018

I am running Linux Ubuntu 1604 LTS and connect with the Internet by 
wireless broadband. I have this week received a new Telstra modem Huawei 
-B618-1944. This has three sockets: oneĀ  USB and two LAN. A double-ended 
ethernet cable was provided (but not a USB cable). Ubuntu help advises 
that usually all one needs to do is connect the ethernet cable and 
Ubuntu will automatically connect (evident by the connection icon 
changing). IP addresses are supposed to be done by Ubuntu. Result: No 
connection to Ubuntu in my desktop PC. Previously I have provide 
connection information under the 'Mobile Broadband' editing window and I 
presume that I should continue to do so. As there is no connection I do 
not have cannot read the connection information of course.

Your assistance in solving this problem is requested. Thank you, 
Geoffrey Combes

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