Banshee, Rhythmbox, or...

Paul Gear paul at
Sun Mar 25 10:33:31 UTC 2012

On 25/03/12 12:58, Jared Norris wrote:
> On 25 March 2012 12:29, Stephen Rees-Carter <stephen at> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> With the impending switch back to Rhythmbox in 12.04, I was wondering
>> which media player everyone here prefers, and why?
>> I find Banshee slow and clunky, but I really like the automatic media
>> organiser and the 'score' sorting.
>> So I'm in two minds about switching back to Rhythmbox, since it has
>> neither of those features.
>> But I would prefer a simpler and faster media player, and I like to
>> use the default applications.
>> Thoughts?
>> ...
> I've used exaile for years. I don't do lots of media listening though
> but for what I need (flac and oggs) it's been great. It has a few
> useful plugins that you can pick and choose from. I watch even less
> video but always found vlc the most stable.

Definitely interested in people's suggestions on this.  I've been using
Amarok 1.4 for years, and i know i can't keep using it - eventually it's
going to be completely unsupported.  I've tried all of the players
mentioned, and i've failed with all of them for various reasons. 
(Exaile was pretty close, i will admit.)

My essential features:

    * No-brainer Google-style filtering of playlist/collection.  Amarok
      2 lost me here: you have to write expressions instead of just
      typing partial search strings.
    * Reliable support for scrobbling.  Preferably integration
      with's tagging system, and notification of when there's a
      recommended song available for free download.
    * Playback, ripping, & tag editing for all of the usual media types,
      esp. MP3 & Ogg.  I don't really feel like re-ripping all of my CDs.
    * Podcast feed support with automatic download and good control over
      episode retention.
    * Pause/Play & volume control via notification area icon (although
      that's gone under newer desktop environments - do they provide
      similar functionality without all of that stupid pop-over/pop-back
      animated visual noise?)

Happy to hear of other tools that might fill one of these niches so that
i can move to a better-supported player.

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