Banshee, Rhythmbox, or...

David Gillies daveg at
Tue Mar 27 10:11:48 UTC 2012

I've been using rhymthbox for ages and I think it almost hits all those 

On 25/03/12 21:33, Paul Gear wrote:
> My essential features:
>   * No-brainer Google-style filtering of playlist/collection.  Amarok 2
>     lost me here: you have to write expressions instead of just typing
>     partial search strings.


>   * Reliable support for scrobbling.  Preferably integration
>     with's tagging system, and notification of when there's a
>     recommended song available for free download.

Scrobbling is reliable, never had problems in all the years I've been 
using it. Don't know about the second bit.

>   * Playback, ripping, & tag editing for all of the usual media types,
>     esp. MP3 & Ogg.  I don't really feel like re-ripping all of my CDs.
>   * Podcast feed support with automatic download and good control over
>     episode retention.

Yep. There's not great control over episode retention though

>   * Pause/Play & volume control via notification area icon (although
>     that's gone under newer desktop environments - do they provide
>     similar functionality without all of that stupid pop-over/pop-back
>     animated visual noise?)

Control for rhythmbox happens in the sound control indicator widget 
these days.

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