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I would use one of the Linux firewall/filtering distros on a dedicated box,
like CensorNet ( or
Untangle (

Boden Matthews,

On 10 March 2012 19:40, Dave Hall <dave.hall at> wrote:

> Dear Senator Conroy,
> On 10/03/12 20:22, Tom Sparks wrote:
>> I looking at internet filtering options for work, we have 10 computer
>> running windows XP/vista, the filter well need to be transparent/forced
>> because we have public laptops that connect to the network.
>> what are my options?
> You haven't specified what material you want to limit access to.  You
> could use OpenDNS's blacklisting services and block all outbound requests
> to port 53 while having an internal DNS that used OpenDNS to lookup all DNS
> queries? Another option is to use iptables to send all outbound port 80
> traffic through squid which would be configured in transparent mode and use
> a filtering tool such as squidGuard or DansGuardian.
> Both of these systems can be circumvented by someone with half a clue, but
> so can most filtering systems.
> Cheers
> Dave
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