Stand up for Linux. Stop Microsoft from attempting to kill ubuntu and other Linux Distros.

Ian Chennell ian at
Sun Sep 25 07:52:17 UTC 2011

Isn't this possibly all a storm in a teacup, at this early stage...??

I can see a perfectly legitimate corporate use case for supplying PCs locked at BIOS level so they can't boot anything other than an SOE-approved and digitally signed OS image. This will remove the ability for corporate PCs to be "hijacked" with a non-SOE OS, which I'm sure will have many CIOs and SysAdmins breathing a little easier.

But I don't think this will be the type of box/config you'd have to get as your home/personal PC. I imagine we'll just get a plain new PC, plus Windows 8 in a box, as a non-OEM option. The box might come with W8 preinstalled, but it won't have to be a signed and locked version. Then we'd partition it up and set up Windows and Linux multiple-boot as per usual. Or just buy a box with no OS on it at all, and Linux all the way. AFAIK, the option to REQUIRE signed OS images is just that, one possible option in the system configuration...

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