3g modem issue (MF668)

Callan Jefferson Davies callan at cruzn.net.au
Fri Jun 10 23:48:35 UTC 2011

> I came across one of those pre-paid modems on a work colleagues 
> computer the other day. To get it working in a loan computer it had to 
> be 'activated' wich is something I don't see in the business versions 
> of the modems. Might be something to look at.

Hi All,

Yes, Telstra MiFi is a good option, as is Vodafone's Pocket Wifi 
(basically the same thing).

Another awesome option, same as above but supplied by an independent 
vendor, is the Netcomm 3G range of products - 

I bought the 3GT1WN about a year ago, I bought this as we were visiting 
a relative in country Victoria and I had my 3G USB stick on the laptop 
but the missus wanted to use her iPad too.

So $165 from OfficeWorks, it's got a USB port on the side so I just 
plugged the stick in, configured the 'APN' within the device and the 
rest just works.

Of course Optus coverage where I was (Clunes) is a bit crap, but from a 
technical note it worked OK.

Netcomm has another one too, that used to be $250 now it's cheaper, 
http://myzone.netcomm.com.au/, the difference being you don't plug your 
stick in, you put the SIM directly inside.

The selling point of the 3GT1WN for me was that it just takes a stick, 
which means if I go somewhere with just my laptop I can just take my 
stick, I don't need to swap SIM cards etc. Also, because it uses a 
stick, it's easy to connect an external aerial in areas of poor 
coverage. The MyZone which takes the SIM directly of course can't take 
an external aerial (but if you're not planning on using the device in 
regional areas, this makes no difference to you).

Hope this helps!


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