3g modem issue (MF668)

Andrew Swinn andrew at swinn.id.au
Fri Jun 10 23:14:51 UTC 2011

I came across one of those pre-paid modems on a work colleagues computer 
the other day. To get it working in a loan computer it had to be 
'activated' wich is something I don't see in the business versions of 
the modems. Might be something to look at.

Also as a note, we have been testing the Telstra Elite Mifi modems and 
they are awesome. They are only $129 from Telstra shop at the moment and 
as they use wifi to connect locally they are easy to get working 
everywhere. Plud you can move them around the house for best signal 

Andrew (lurking, lurking)

On 11/06/2011 1:56 AM, Tom Sparks wrote:
> We have just got a 3g modem (Telstra prepaid) for our friend's birthday
> I think it is a Elite MF668 modem
> the modem connect to the network including getting an IP address
> the modem sends packets to the network, but dose not get any back
> firefox/IE can't connect to google.com.au
> the computer also got on his birthday is running Vista business (the best option of the two evils)
> * I am think they are living in a black spot, they use moblie phones so that seams unlikely
> * outdate drivers
> what else would explain these symptoms?
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