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Mon Sep 20 21:12:14 BST 2010

On Tue 2010-09-14 02:06:21 UTC+1000, Anthony (i.lurve.linux at wrote:

> I'm not entirely sure what Ian Fleming is trying to do.  However I do
> understand the issue with trying to wade through the mailing list
> submissions from Ubuntu-au and I'm wondering why this mail list
> subscription cannot be switched over to a NNTP or Newsgroup server?
> The advantages are that when people respond to a question, it places
> the answers under the original question indented to the right so
> anyone can see it's a response to the first post.

Thunderbird can already do this (tree view, grouping messages by
thread) with email.

View -> Sort by -> Threaded

Mutt also does this.  Also Sylpheed, as I recall.

> It's also a alot easier to search for key words in a newsgroup then
> the mailing list.

Searching for text in email folders using Thunderbird (or Mutt) isn't

> And control of who has access to the newsgroup and who does not would
> be much easier.

I don't think you can claim that without first-hand knowledge of the
access control mechanisms made available by the newsgroup and mailing
list software.

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