Ubuntu - never again - please read.

Rob Dawson rob.dawson at helpdesksolutions.com.au
Sun Sep 5 03:10:17 BST 2010

On 03/09/10 23:26, Mark Hill wrote:
> Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
> Once only have I actually had Ubuntu install cleanly and run (dual
> boot with Win XP). The Ubuntu version was from memory, 8.04 and not a
> serious contender to Windows in my humble opinion.
> I tried very recently and again today with 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) and
> 10.04.1 (Maverick Meerkat).
> Ubuntu ver 10.04 installs ok and leaves me looking at a lovely red
> screen. No task bar, no icons, in fact nothing.
> Ubuntu ver 10.04.1 installs ok but then trips over it's feet at the
> Grub boot option for either Win XP or Ubuntu. Both show but Ubuntu
> refuses to boot and round in circles we go.
> Sorry Ladies and Gentlemen, Ubuntu may be a challenge to Microsoft in
> all it's various OS flavours but getting to the actual Ubuntu desktop
> is where the "wheels fall off".
> Please, or when the Ubuntu development team build a reliable dual boot
> option (with a GUI interface) into Wubi it may be worth my time to try
> Ubuntu again but "once bitten, twice shy".
> I have seen some forum posts regarding problems with the latest
> version of the Grub boot loader. My simplistic view is that
> insufficient pre-release testing was carried out.
> Having wasted several hours on a "non-starter, ie;, Ubuntu, puts me
> firmly back in the Windows fold and quite frankly I have given up on
> Ubuntu.
> After my negative comments above I expect I shall not receive a reply.
> Mark Hill.
And I have been using Ubuntu successfully and very happily since 7.04. 
I have installed it on desktop PC's and laptops of various flavours and
strengths, and have never had an install (or an in-place upgrade) fail
me.  I work in an exclusively Windows environment at work on my laptop
with Linux as the only OS.  VirtualBox is my way around this but one of
the greatest strengths of using Linux is that I have choice, free choice
- I could use Wine or dual boot, it's just that VirtualBox suits me
personally.  And one of the best things I have found in my 5 or so years
in 'Linux world' is that the community is so vast and so prepared to
help with any question or issue that I ask of it, that I find my
computing experience is actually enjoyable in a learning and sharing way
- something I never got from using Windows.

So if you had made the effort to ask instead of blazing away with
misplaced, unfair and inaccurate statements then I'm 100% confident your
issues would have been resolved and you could have enjoyed the
experience as the rest of us do.  Unless, as BC said, you're just a
troll and in which case you probably just need to get on with your life
and try to find something positive in it, rather than stalking those of
us who enjoy what we do.

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