Ubuntu - never again - please read.

James Takac p3nndrag0n at gmail.com
Sun Sep 5 02:03:45 BST 2010

Hi Basil

On Sunday 05 September 2010 00:45:47 Basil Chupin wrote:
> On 03/09/2010 23:26, Mark Hill wrote:
> > Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
> > Once only have I actually had Ubuntu install cleanly and run (dual
> > boot with Win XP). The Ubuntu version was from memory, 8.04 and not a
> > serious contender to Windows in my humble opinion.
> > I tried very recently and again today with 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) and
> > 10.04.1 (Maverick Meerkat).
> Me thinks that you are either deliberately trying to stir the pot (ie,
> trolling) or you are just clueless - which is why you are having the
> trouble you are trying to convey here something, which you know nothing
> about, for us to believe.
> 10.04.1, which you quote above, is *NOT* Maverick Meerkat.
> Maverick is 10.10, and Beta #1 was released a day ago. Meerkat will be
> released in October (10 October).
> 10.04.1 is the first 'upgrade' of Lucid, 10.04 released last April.
> > Ubuntu ver 10.04 installs ok and leaves me looking at a lovely red
> > screen. No task bar, no icons, in fact nothing.
> The screen colour is, actually, called mauve.
> But there should be a panel at the top of the screen, and a panel at the
> bottom of the screen (both with some info in each); the rest of the
> screen is "clean" with nothing except the mauve colour....This is normal.
> > Ubuntu ver 10.04.1 installs ok but then trips over it's feet at the
> > Grub boot option for either Win XP or Ubuntu. Both show but Ubuntu
> > refuses to boot and round in circles we go.
> > Sorry Ladies and Gentlemen, Ubuntu may be a challenge to Microsoft in
> > all it's various OS flavours but getting to the actual Ubuntu desktop
> > is where the "wheels fall off".
> I have, and many others, installed Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.04.1 and now even
> Beta #1 of 10.10 (Meerkat) on dual-booting system without any problems.
> Not a sinlge glitch.
> What you need to do is to tell "us" exactly what your system is about
> (laptop, desktop, which Windows version you have installed, etc) so that
> people can help you.
> > Please, or when the Ubuntu development team build a reliable dual boot
> > option (with a GUI interface) into Wubi it may be worth my time to try
> > Ubuntu again but "once bitten, twice shy".
> Ah, so you are trying to install Ubuntu using Wubi on a Windows system?
> Have you done all the things in the Windows OS to create the space for
> Ubuntu?
> Have you read the documentation here?:
> http://wubi-installer.org/
> https://help.ubuntu.com/community
> > I have seen some forum posts regarding problems with the latest
> > version of the Grub boot loader. My simplistic view is that
> > insufficient pre-release testing was carried out.
> It is indeed a simplistic view.
> Which "latest Grub bootloader" are you referring to? The latest Grub 1a?
> > Having wasted several hours on a "non-starter, ie;, Ubuntu, puts me
> > firmly back in the Windows fold and quite frankly I have given up on
> > Ubuntu.
> If you don't succeed, try and try again.
> > After my negative comments above I expect I shall not receive a reply.
> Nobody in the Ubuntu community ignores "a cry for help" - and will
> always give it, provided the person crying out for help is genuine about
> asking for help.
> > Mark Hill.
> BC

It sounds like he aint very knowledgeable at that. Yes it can happen that one 
runs into problems during the install. Hell I've been thru that. Even with 
windows, e.g. the install of xp sp2 when it first came out left me in a loop 
where the system would go into an endless reboot loop. That was fun. I've had 
probs with some ubuntu installs in the past but mostly they were my own 
fault. It's possible Mark may have had a faulty cd? Mark, if you're 
listening, did you run a check on the cd from the menu after booting it? You 
should check the integrity of any cd b4 trying to install imho. That's prob 
the root of many install probs. I have 10.04 on 2 systems at this moment. 
Only prob I had was the freeze at just over 90% which is actually nothing 
serious and easily recovered from. I'll be updating my other systems to 10.04 
soon as it stands

So Mark. Check your install cd for defects with it's media check. Does it pass 
or fail? If it failed what speed did you burn the disk at? I always recommend 
the slowest speed your system will allow. Try burning it again. Did youcheck 
the integrity of the download? Did the checksum match? If not then the cd 
will have issues likely from that. That also happens, i.e. corrupted 
downloads. Simple thngs like ths are often overlooked :(


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