Dyslexia & IRC

Paul Gear paul at libertysys.com.au
Sun Mar 21 02:51:34 GMT 2010

Norm, VK3XCI wrote:
> ...
> Sorry I wasn't "at" the meeting. I'm dyslexic and found the random postings VERY 
> hard to follow. Ended up printing out the log and going through it with a couple 
> of hi-lighters. No way I could do it in real time!
Hi Norm,

Your comment got me thinking - i don't know a lot about dyslexia and
what it means for the way dyslexics operate online.  I was emailing a
dyslexic guy the other week and i inadvertently made it hard for him to
understand me due to the way i quoted and the way i phrased my
questions.  IRC is used very commonly to support Ubuntu, and Free
Software in general.  Would you be willing to explain a little further
how the condition works (especially with respect to email & instant
messaging/chat) and perhaps suggest what steps we could take to support
dyslexic people better?


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