Governance Structure Proposal for Ubuntu-AU

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I agree with what Scott is saying.  It would be a good idea to be flagging
those contributing to this thread as those with a vested interest in the
LoCo, and that we need to work out overall what our LoCo is trying to

Going back to the talk about the Governance structure, we have about three
different systems going around.

We have the present system, which isn't working too well.  I don't need to
repeat why because it has already been covered.

We have my system, which would struggle to organise events and liaise with
local LUGs in states that do not have representation on the committee.
 There are also issues regarding election processes and the idea of newer
members attaining committee spots being out of reach that need to be looked

We have the state rep system.  It works well if there are active reps from
each state within the LoCo.  Elections would never work for that model as
the numbers of people in each state are too small, so how do we select reps?
 And how do we encourage newer members to get involved as a state rep?  If
the process isn't rigid and doesn't allow for regular change, then it
becomes too hard for newer members.  There is also a chance that we can't
get state reps for various states, which means that liaising with LUGs and
organising events there would become too difficult.

So, keeping that in mind, let me pose this question, which way do we go?  We
need to have a rigid and transparent structure of governance because it is
obvious that without one we as a LoCo are going to struggle to get things
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