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Scott Evans scott at
Sat Mar 6 11:51:39 GMT 2010

On Sat, 2010-03-06 at 21:23 +1100, Melissa Draper wrote:

> So this thread is your invitation to note what you've done as a
> participant of this team. 

My involvement with the ubuntu-au community has been in a shared role as
the ubuntu-au mailing list moderator.  This is a rather important part
of keeping the mailing list clean from the plentiful spam that continues
to bombard us on a daily basis. Also as the Australian list is also
syndicated to Google Groups & Gmane there is also incoming emails that
come from these two sources that need to be approved etc... The more
timely manor a message gets processed then the better the chance of the
person asking feeling that they get a good result from consulting with
the ubuntu-au community.

Although to talk of the amount of "conversions" you have managed as an
individual is being discouraged, I think that this is a good decision!
especially in my case I only have a small circle of friends, and I've
certainly informed them that there are choices, I have to admit defeat
in that there has to be a better way to promote FOSS other than relying
on your immediate family! :"-)

I have attempted to hold a small for release party for both Jaunty &
Karmic via TASLUG, but was sadly disappointed when no one from the
greater Hobart region was interested. There was however some interest
from the north of the state but due to the distance nothing was

I did attempt two times to apply for ubuntu membership but was rejected
on the grounds of not contributing enough, I have since decided to not
pursue this any further (ubuntu membership) but I'm happy to remain as
active as one can be for my little part of the planet!

I do participate by sharing my thoughts on both IRC and through the
ubuntu-au-planet & ubuntu -au mailing list...

Outside of ubuntu-au (since October 2009) I'm involved with the
marketing of Icinga (fork from Nagios) and I have learnt quite a deal
during this time as this if something I have not done before! It's good
to branch into tasks you are not 100% confident on because if you manage
a good job of it you get the rewards in knowing you can achieve almost
anything if you apply yourself.

Ok I'm starting to just rant so I'll leave it at this unless I think of

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