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Tue Jan 6 07:43:19 GMT 2009

Hello Everyone (I'm doing a reply to all - for this email) *SMILE*

& thank you Paul, for your nice email. *GRIN*

2009/1/4 Paul Shirren <shirro at>

> Hi Peter,
> Peter Williams wrote:
>> To my great happiness (poor wording, I know!!!) - my Ubuntu Mint (Elyssa)
>> OS is now working almost perfectly!!! *BIG SMILE & HAPPY
>> GRIN**!!!
> Well done.
> Can you please not refer to Mint Linux as Ubuntu Mint. Mint and Ubuntu are
> two separate projects with their own developers, forums and mailing lists.

Okay, I will try to keep that in mind and refer to my OS by its correct
name; "Mint Linux".

I get quite a bit confused about its correct name. I think that the Mint
Linux ppl also call it Ubuntu Mint Linux etc etc. :-) There seems to be
quite a lot of jargon & buzz-words etc involved for the OS { Not that I'm
objecting! SMILE }. Also, I find that the sheer volume of information and
facts, knowledge and 'wisdom' of the Gurus developing the Mint Linux project
-- well, it's *information overload!! **Too much for me to know where to
begin looking*. *SIGH*

Note: I'm still only a Linux Newbie although I've used many many different
computer systems over my life... since I was a young teenager (or even
younger!). Our family's first computer was a Commodore PET (Personal
Electronic Transactor) with 16 KB of RAM expandable to 32KB RAM. Actually,
it was a pretty good machine -- it had a 6502 processor and it communicated
with peripherals with a IEEE-488 port and also had a programmable 'user
port' !!! It was amazing!!! And also very powerful. Actually, it's OS was
Commodore PET BASIC which was written by Micro$oft! and was a combination of
BASIC programming language with DOS commands included also!!! It was
powerful but it bit tricky to learn!!!   [ THOSE WERE THE DAYS!!! - e.g.
circa the 1970's ]

> We are all in the same big happy open source family but there are issues
> of branding and trademark. The Ubuntu trademark is owned by Canonical
> and I am sure they would not want it to be diluted. I am sure the Mint
> people are proud of their work and feel the same.

Thank you for explaining that. I'm very very pleased with my OS - although
it still has its little querks (spelling?!). The nice people at Canonical
are amazingly clever and I admire and thank them!!!! ### HAPPY GRIN ###

 Then I discovered that the repositories were wrong!!! The were
> pointing to Ubuntu repositories instead of Ubuntu Mint (Elyssa) ones.

I don't know if this is a consequence of not understanding that Ubuntu and
> Mint are two separate projects.

Yes, it probably is!!! (SMILE). I'll admit that I'm *still a newbie beginner
* at Mint Linux; although I'll admit that I've been 'learning' Linux for
more than one year!!! I'm just happy to get help from the those wonderfully
clever and friendly Linux users!!!!!!!!!!!

> I had a Ford made by Mazda. You could probably replace suspension and
> engine parts with Mazda parts but other would have been to Ford specs. A
> person in that situation might ask about after market accessories on a Mazda
> forum and get friendly and useful advice but might also get completely
> misleading advice if Ford had changed the spec on some parts.

That's an interesting analogy, and I think I understand. Thanks for that. *

Yours Sincerely,
PEW - poet, computer geek, amiable human being and Christian

Fond Regards,
Peter Eric (aka 'pew') WILLIAMS
from Hobart, Tasmania, Australia -- phone (03) 6236-9675

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