SOLVED !!! Re: Help!!! Music player Amarok has error about "DCOP communications"

Paul Shirren shirro at
Sun Jan 4 05:32:14 GMT 2009

Hi Peter,

Peter Williams wrote:
> To my great happiness (poor wording, I know!!!) - my Ubuntu Mint 
> (Elyssa) OS is now working almost perfectly!!! *BIG SMILE & HAPPY
> GRIN**!!!

Well done.

Can you please not refer to Mint Linux as Ubuntu Mint. Mint and Ubuntu 
are two separate projects with their own developers, forums and mailing 

We are all in the same big happy open source family but there are issues
of branding and trademark. The Ubuntu trademark is owned by Canonical
and I am sure they would not want it to be diluted. I am sure the Mint
people are proud of their work and feel the same.

> Then I discovered that the repositories were wrong!!! The were
> pointing to Ubuntu repositories instead of Ubuntu Mint (Elyssa) ones.

I don't know if this is a consequence of not understanding that Ubuntu 
and Mint are two separate projects.

I had a Ford made by Mazda. You could probably replace suspension and 
engine parts with Mazda parts but other would have been to Ford specs. A 
person in that situation might ask about after market accessories on a 
Mazda forum and get friendly and useful advice but might also get 
completely misleading advice if Ford had changed the spec on some parts.

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