Router query

Peter Schwenke peter at
Wed Apr 8 23:36:35 BST 2009

Callan wrote:
> So you'd want to be asking :
> 1. Does the router handle the connection to the ISP even if no computers 
> are plugged in?
> 2. Do I need a 'driver' to use the router or will the router just offer 
> a DHCP IP Address to any device I plug in?

You might get "We'll send you a driver (or installation CD) with the
router".  Some folk find it incomprehensible that those things are  just
coasters.  So my comment after 5. below will help if you strike this.

> 3. Do I have access to the router's control panel interface to change 
> settings if required?

A reasonably safe way of asking this is "Can I access the router's
control panel interface  with my web browser".

The web interfaces are generally fine.

> 4. Is the router locked to that ISP's network, or can you use it on any 
> network?
> 5. What brand and model number is it?

and then get a manual from the manufacturer's website, google
"modelNumber linux" etc ( often has help on
these sort of things).  The manual will answer 2 and 3.


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