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squareyes squareyes at
Wed Apr 8 16:09:11 BST 2009

Callan wrote:
> So you'd want to be asking :
> 1. Does the router handle the connection to the ISP even if no 
> computers are plugged in?
> 2. Do I need a 'driver' to use the router or will the router just 
> offer a DHCP IP Address to any device I plug in?
> 3. Do I have access to the router's control panel interface to change 
> settings if required?
> 4. Is the router locked to that ISP's network, or can you use it on 
> any network?
> 5. What brand and model number is it?
> If they can answer those questions properly, it's all good. If they 
> can't, ask for someone else in the organisation to talk to as those 
> questions aren't really all that technical.
> If they complain, just tell them that you've just bought an Asus eeePC 
> or similar from Dick Smith, and it runs a custom operating system :)
> Feel free to ask more Qs if you need.
> Cheers
> Callan
Hi Callan,
thanks, will ask those questions, guess it's time again I do some 
reading. Brain box isn't really very good on the short term memory, but 
can always refer multiple times if I have it in print1 :-)
Take Care
Have a safe and peaceful Easter everyone.

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