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Cary Bielenberg cary at bielenberg.id.au
Wed Aug 13 10:40:54 BST 2008

Owen Townend wrote:
> 2008/8/13 Senectus . <senectus at gmail.com>:
>> 2008/8/13 Daniel Mons <daniel.mons at iinet.net.au>
>>> Paul Gear wrote:
>>> | If you want to virtualise Windows, nothing comes close to VMware in
>>> | terms of functionality.
>>> Paul,
>>> Could you please expand on this?  I'm currently running 4x HP BL680c (16
>>> cores, 64GB RAM) with Xen/QEmu to virtualise a number of Linux and
>>> Win2K3 machines.
> [snip]
>>> And before anyone says anything about VMWare being "free" - the "free"
>>> version is not only proprietary, but it is limited to 4 CPUs and 4GB
>>> RAM.  And if you refer to the top of this email, you'll see I'm playing
>>> with much bigger toys.
>>> - -Dan
>> Interesting... is anyone aware of a non biased comparison survey of the
>> products side by side?
> Hey,
>   Not guaranteed unbiased, but at least side-by-side info including
> the afore-mentioned core limitations:
>   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_virtual_machines
> cheers,
> Owen.

I guess the main problem from my perspective is documentation & "spit & 
polish" of Xen & KVM makes it hard if you only administer 10 odd 
machines, It's ok if you eat sleep & breath these apps but to the 
sysadmins who have to multi skill it is almost prohibitive to setup. 
What I'm trying to say is Vmware is bundled so that it is easy to 
implement! I want to use open source solutions & am sceptical of 
commercial companies who have "free" & commercial offerings. I want to 
try the alternatives but to say the least KVM is a pig to implement 
considering *buntu has made this the default. I googled for how to's but 
there was a fair bit of ambiguity & confusion in the implementation. 

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