Ubuntu and PVR / Digital Television

Daniel Mons daniel.mons at iinet.net.au
Wed Aug 13 12:27:49 BST 2008

Nick wrote:
> Was wondering if anyone has had success in using linux/ubuntu for this
> purpose? Is there a guide or kit list online that anyone can endorse? 

Running a Yuan (Stratford) PG300 DVB-T card in an AthlonXP 2400+ with 
MythBuntu.  Prior to that I rolled my own MythTV setups, but MythBuntu 
makes a 2-day setup affair a 30 minute exercise now, and I'm happy to 
spend the saved time doing something else. :)

The wife was converted the instant she saw the web interface, and the 
ease of scheduling recordings of her favourite shows.  Her only 
requirement was a nice, neat little system with no keyboard and mouse. 
So I bought a purpose-built PVR case and an iMON remote, which all 
passed her requirements with flying colours.

The system isn't fast enough to play back hi def stuff, but it can 
record, downscale and transcode hi-def to 480p MPEG4, which plays back 
just fine.  There is still no hardware acceleration available under 
Linux for x264 and similar "hi def codecs", so you'll need around 3GHz 
minimum to play back hi def stuff in realtime.


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