A ubuntu-au package?

Mark M Lambert mark+linux.ubuntu at marklambert.net
Mon Mar 26 02:58:43 BST 2007

Another cunning plan .. (I feel like the Baldric of ubuntu-au)

Should we create a tar archive or .deb package that contains a number of
data files that are specific for Australian Ubuntu users. I'm thinking:
1. a calendar file with Aus public holidays, school terms etc
2. Firefox search extensions for Auspost postcodes, whitepages that
   sort of thing
3. Sample feed list with various quality Australia RSS feeds
4. Local streaming radio stations for Rhythmbox or whatever eg 2SER

.. I'm sure there is other stuff but not feeling too bright at the
moment. The general concept is something that users can install simply
and that makes their installations a little more relevant to their
physical environment and needs.

- Mark aka BLAM (i need a new handle)

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