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Andre Mangan wrote:
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> Since you have appended your comments to my posting of the article from 
> the Sydney Morning Herald, I feel obliged to respond.
> I am at a loss to see any connection between your comments and what I 
> posted.  Perhaps you intended to respond to someone else.
> I posted the article because it made me laugh when I read it and I 
> wanted to share this piece of (ironic) humour with you all.

I do see the humour, but these other responses:

> I can verify that it works. Don't even get asked for verification to get the 
> downloads that otherwise need it on my windows pc

> I understand the website checks if you are running an unlicenced copy
> of Windows.  As Ubuntu is not an unlicenced copy of windows it passes.

..pointed towards a practical nature of this failure of validation.

Andrew S

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