Music program

Toma tomhaste at
Thu Jul 19 05:03:55 BST 2007

Ardour is not ProTools. Its LIKE Protools in the fact that it records
multi-track and edits and can apply LADSPA effects. Dont expect a
straight change as they are quite different. Ardour 2 is just great.
Looks nice and performs miracles. Ive been using it in my studio for
about 6 months and works great on the oldest crappy sound card, up to
the real top end stuff.

You cant really get those $5000 VST plugins working on it tho. VST is
owned by Steinburg and thats the way they like it. There are a
plethora of great plugins available via the
'ubuntustudio-audio-plugins' package (its in the main plain repos).

Also, make sure you get qjackctl working as its a great way to
virtually plug programs like Rosegarden and Hydrogen into Ardour, to
get those MIDI parts just right.

Good luck!

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