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Andrew Swinn andrew at
Sat Oct 7 08:17:54 BST 2006

> I came to use HTML Protector and Message Tag after someone alerted me 
> about a year ago that an article well-known as belonging on our web page 
> had been seen on a web page in Victoria.  A check revealed that it was 
> indeed so - our article had been lifted, code and all without 
> acknowledgement and without permission.  I sent an email to the owner of 
> that page to advise him that such an act was in breach of Australian and 
> international copyright laws and that his action could lead to 
> prosecution.  It would have been very easy for him to claim that the 
> email was never received if the matter had proceeded (the material was 
> withdrawn promptly) and that is where Message Tag comes in.  With 
> tagging I had proof that the message had been opened at its destination.
> There were no responses regarding scanners, fax programs or Logitech 
> QuickCam IM.  Should I exercise more patience ?

I find this email tag thing interesting. If I am assuming correctly this 
application would insert a script that would be run when the end user 
opens said email which through whatever method would send a notification 
back to the sender. Now if this is true then would you then be relying 
on the end users client to actually run this script and someone correct 
me if I am wrong, but there would be a lot of email clients that would 
not allow such a script to run. I would even think Thunderbird would 
prevent this by default. So it would be possible for users to see your 
email and for you not to be alerted.

As for the scanner, I have never had much luck with anything Canon and 
getting it to work in Linux. It seems to be one of the brands with not 
much support under Linux. I too have a Canon scanner and I need to run 
it in Windows to use it which usually happens with me running a windows 
session under VMWare while still using Ubuntu. We have a HP all in one 
product now so I very rarely use the Canon thing.

When I switched to Linux as my main OS I ran into hardware 
incompatibility. Mainly because I, like other users, did not think about 
Linux support down the track. I feel blessed with the work that people 
have done with writing drivers to make hardware work under Linux when 
really these manufacturing companies should be providing the neccessary 
drivers. And indeed some are doing such work, and that influences my 
hardware choices in the future. You will definately find some hardware 
that won't work, but make sure that all future hardware purchases are 
made with an open mindset.


Andrew Swinn

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