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Peter Schwenke peter at
Sat Oct 7 08:24:52 BST 2006

Hi Andre,

Andre Mangan wrote:
>    2. Re Message Tag, this is not the same as asking the recipient of an
>       email message for a receipt.  This program returns a receipt to
>       the sender automatically.  The sent message is clearly marked as
>       being tagged and the recipient is generally aware that the message
>       is tagged.  None of the recipients of my emails have ever been
>       bothered by it.  A very handy program for checking that distant
>       itinerant friends are alive and well.  There is an off switch, if
>       needed, so that not all messages are tagged.  I did load
>       Thunderbird as you suggested, Joh but it was not what I was
>       looking for.

Can you please send the list a message using MessageTag?  It is probably
the same thing as in Thunderbird.  I've received messages from Outlook
users who have turned on their receipt notification.  Thunderbird warned
 me and asked if I wanted to send back receipt notification.

MessageTag has to be putting something in the message which either SMTP
(the mail protocol) or the mail client at the receiving end acts on.
This would probably be, as suggested previously, some sort of header.

>    3. PedX - nothing known.

Maybe check out or

> There were no responses regarding scanners, fax programs or Logitech
> QuickCam IM.  Should I exercise more patience ?

I've used mgetty+sendfax for many years.  Can be a trick to set up but
I'm willing to help.  I have it working for sending a network and I
receive the faxes as PDF files.  Some of the bits I've cobbled together
myself. You're welcome to them.

xsane is what I used for scanning.  It allows copying straight to the
printer (photocopying), saving to file and faxing.  You can build up the
fax from several scanned pages.  You configure it to then call sendfax.
 Works nicely.

I use a Canon LiDE 60 scanner.  Relatively cheap at something like
$120-140.  Works well enough for what I do.


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