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William Grant tanarrifujitsu at
Sun May 14 09:28:05 BST 2006

On Sun, 2006-05-14 at 17:39 +1000, Shane Handley wrote:
> Steven Tucker wrote:
> > Also for look and feel, I have not looked into it, but if someone has
> > a suggestion on how to get WordPress to look the same as the main
> > site, please let us know. I agree it would look much better.
> I had a look at the CSS from the theme you use "Pool". I think that with
> some tweaking, it will fit the theme of I'll try to play
> with that during the week.
> > So when would you like to take charge of the wiki Shane?
> > I can give you a blog login and you can get it started straight away.
> We should get onto the webmaster about how they got theirs
> happening. They will have CSS and various customisations that make their
> wiki well integrated with the rest of the site.
> That is if anyone else on the list cannot direct me to this information
> (I am not sure who set up, but they must have been in
> contact with the webmaster).

I did, but I never communicated with the webmaster of If you need any help with the theming, don't hesitate to

> Shane Handley

William Grant.
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