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Jeff Waugh jeff.waugh at
Sun May 14 05:42:20 BST 2006

<quote who="Shane Handley">

> Are there any plans to move au-loco documentation from the blog to a wiki?

Also - what is the scope of this documentation? Is it going to be marketing
materials only? If so, then we should not call it documentation, because it
isn't. :-)

If we're going to go beyond marketing materials, I'd suggest that we do the
majority of our work *within* the Ubuntu docteam - what real value will we
add by having a separate repository of documentation? How much of it will
realistically be specifically Australian (without value for others)?

(Plus, I think it's way more healthy to open up a project without the 'board
review' style model, but move toward it as it's needed. Consider the wealth
of information on the Ubuntu wiki, and recent moves to formalise the good
bits on

- Jeff

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