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Steven Tucker steventucker at
Sun May 14 17:54:37 BST 2006

Jeff Waugh wrote:

><quote who="Shane Handley">
>>Are there any plans to move au-loco documentation from the blog to a wiki?
>Also - what is the scope of this documentation? Is it going to be marketing
>materials only? If so, then we should not call it documentation, because it
>isn't. :-)
My intention, being the instigator of this concept, was simply to have 
some sort of support for people wanting to present Ubuntu to others. 
Perhaps calling it documentation is misleading (even though that is 
exactly what it is) due to peoples perception that documentation can 
only refer to manuals etc on the software itself. The documentation that 
I am referring to, can be a complete written speech aimed at a 
particular audience, or guidelines on what sort of demo's are most 
appealing, or what the LoCo team suggests are the best topics to cover, 
or transcripts of presentations previously given etc etc. All good 
resources, and all very much documentation.

More importantly, before we worry about "scope", how about we worry 
about actually  creating something. The correct order of doing things 
IMO, is get something out there first, and then mould it to fit with 
correct titles, best method of access etc etc, Nothing was done until I 
created the wrong set up, then people have something to change to their 
liking, until something was put forward, there were only debates on such 
subjects, nothing was actually created other than arguments. Debating 
these things when no bugger has made a document / paper or whatever you 
need to call it is just plain time wasting crap as far as I am concerned.

>If we're going to go beyond marketing materials, I'd suggest that we do the
>majority of our work *within* the Ubuntu docteam
I agree, but as I have stated, I have no intention of covering things 
that the Ubuntu doc team is already covering. Letting people know where 
they can find this info, that would be worthy. One of the project 
leaders has created a page on the Ubuntu wiki, and so on our page, there will simply be a link to his work, no 
need to reinvent the wheel.

> - what real value will we
>add by having a separate repository of documentation? How much of it will
>realistically be specifically Australian (without value for others)?
None, and none, agreed.

>(Plus, I think it's way more healthy to open up a project without the 'board
>review' style model, but move toward it as it's needed. Consider the wealth
>of information on the Ubuntu wiki, and recent moves to formalise the good
>bits on
Congratulations, you have the job! I hereby pass on the position of 
project leader on to you Jeff. I do this because I absolutely believe 
that a wiki would be a great tool for helping the leaders with their 
draft copy, but official copies should be exactly that, something 
approved by the committee to represent  the team. There are a number of 
reason for this belief, but I think have already mentioned a few before, 
and don't really feel like repeating myself. (maybe Linus should just 
pass on his leadership to a wiki!)
It is becoming obvious however, that others do not share my opinion, and 
so Jeff, you can now take over, as I am sure there is work behind your 
words, and not simply meaningless opinion without tangible alternatives.

Let me know when you take over and I will dispense of my account on the 
server etc.

I think your method will fail miserably, but I hope I am wrong (perhaps 
mine would have fail miserably).


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