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Shane Handley shane.handley at
Sun May 14 08:39:26 BST 2006

Steven Tucker wrote:
> Also for look and feel, I have not looked into it, but if someone has
> a suggestion on how to get WordPress to look the same as the main
> site, please let us know. I agree it would look much better.
I had a look at the CSS from the theme you use "Pool". I think that with
some tweaking, it will fit the theme of I'll try to play
with that during the week.
> So when would you like to take charge of the wiki Shane?
> I can give you a blog login and you can get it started straight away.
We should get onto the webmaster about how they got theirs
happening. They will have CSS and various customisations that make their
wiki well integrated with the rest of the site.

That is if anyone else on the list cannot direct me to this information
(I am not sure who set up, but they must have been in
contact with the webmaster).

Shane Handley

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